Melting Away Single

Melting Away (feat. Andy Fraser) – Single

Band :
Title : Melting Away (feat. Andy Fraser)
Release Date : 15th July 2016
Label :
Catalog ref. : CMM 28-5763
Format : CD

Hear one of Free bassist Andy Fraser’s Final Recordings

Saiichi Sugiyama Band debuts the single “Melting Away” on July 15

British blues-rock guitarist Saiichi Sugiyama and his band are touring the UK in September ahead of their new album release next year. The album will include a track entitled “Melting Away”, written by Saiichi and featuring the late bass hero Andy Fraser, ex-Free and composer of the 1970 smash single, “All Right Now.” The video for the track can be seen here – http//

The initial inspiration for “Melting Away” came to Saiichi [pronounced: “sigh-eee-chee”] while on a trip to his native Japan. To Saiichi the melody was reminiscent of Free guitarist Paul Kossoff, who died in 1976. Creating a demo when he returned home to the UK, Saiichi came up with bass parts that brought Free bassman Andy Fraser to mind.

In 2014, Saiichi met Andy Fraser and they agreed to work together, with the idea that Fraser would produce the final album. Fraser loved ‘Melting Away’ and put his own spin on it with his signature bass line, synthesiser and vocals. Sadly, Andy Fraser died on 16 March 2015, which meant that ‘Melting Away’ become one of his last recordings.

Today, ‘Melting Away’ lives on as a powerful, poignant track proving that Andy Fraser’s legacy is enduring. The track is fully endorsed by the Andy Fraser Estate and will be jointly premiered on Saiichi Sugiyama Band’s website and that of the estate at 1500 GMT on 15 July 2016.

Credits :

Producer – Muneyuki Sugiyama
Arranger – Muneyuki Sugiyama | Saiichi Sugiyama | Richard Cartmale

Vocals – Rietta Austin
Guitar | Harmony Vocals – Saiichi Sugiyama
Bass | Vocoder | Screaming – Andy Fraser
Drums | Claves | Triangle | Synthesiser | Harmony Vocals – Muneyuki Sugiyama
1st (solo) Violin – Antonia Kesel
Violin – Ed Bale | Tom Aldren | Karina Deyanova | Dan Shilladay | Alberto Vidal | Katherine Walker | Cassi Hamilton | Fred Taylor
Viola – Steliana Nedeva | Mariya Sotirova | Fredrick Taylor
Cello – Cecilia Bignall | Charlotte Kaslin
Conductor – Richard Cartmale

Recording Engineers – Ewen Davis | Jonathan Macmillan | Anthony Leung | Gareth Redfern
Editing by Muneyuki Sugiyama | Anthony Leung
Mixed by Anthony Leung
Mastered by Mandy Purnell

Tracks :

  1. Melting Away (feat. Andy Fraser) [Radio Edit]  (S. Sugiyama)
  2. Melting Away (feat. Andy Fraser) [Extended Version] (S. Sugiyama)

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