We had a good run of 4 nights in Evesham, Oxford, Poole and Totnes. We caught up with old friends and made new friends over those gigs.

Evesham had a smaller but perfectly formed audience whose enthusiasm rubbed off on us. A gentleman who heard our soundcheck rang tens of his friends and sent out his father-in-law to go to fetch them to the show as he thought they should not miss it. Thank you!

At Haven Club Oxford, the place was packed with many live-music loving students joinning our old friends in the audience, a few of whom travelled from London.  We received a lovely comment:

  a stunning night of music… It was a truly great gig, one of those special ones where the audience and band meld into one, creating a great vibe

Andy Fraser’s cousin was in attendance as the band played “Melting Away”. The above photo from the night is by Steve Amato.

Mr Kyps in Poole is a larger venue noted for Kyp’s staunch support for live music scene, known for giviing Joe Bonamassa his first UK gig. Graham Shard kindly reviewed the night on Facebook:

Just spent a fantastic evening at Mr Kyps Live Music Venue enjoying Saiichi Sugiyama Band’s Poole leg of their UK tour. Saiichi was on top form playing his Les Paul with his mix of Blues/Rock/funk/soul call it what you will it was all good, very ably supported by the vocal talent of Rietta Austin and the rest of the band. A really good mix of some early stuff and right up to date with the new single Somewhere Down The Road. I always know when I’ve been to a good gig by how quickly we get to the end. If you get the chance make the effort to see this band you wont be disappointed.

Unit 23 Totnes is a venue that is often remebered as one of Andy Fraser’s stops during his first and last UK tour in 2013. The 70s prog band Gong had packed the venue on the previous night. Simon who promotes gigs there was very kind to tell us that ours was a most enjoyable night since he had Andy Fraser playing there.

This week the tour continues with the 1865, Southampton on Wednesday, the New Crawdaddy Club, Billericay on Friday and the long standing venue the Musician Leicester on Sunday.  Please make sure to say hello to us if you make it to one of the gigs.



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